Popcorn Writing
After reading Amber Beeson’s blog post at Apples to Applique, I was inspired to give Popcorn Writing a try. I thought it would be a super-easy center to make, and I was convinced it would be a sure-fire hit with kids. I was right on both counts!

Here’s how I created the center:

• First, I bought two plastic popcorn containers.

• Then, I typed 25 prepositional phrases, leaving several spaces between each one before printing them out on bright, yellow paper.

• Next, I added 25 stock animal cartoons – and printed them out on plain, white paper.

• Finally, I cut out the phrases and the cartoons, crumpled them up, and dropped them into plastic popcorn containers.

When students arrived at the Popcorn Writing literacy center, they followed simple instructions which directed them to select one yellow kernel and one white kernel. Students then used the selected phrases and animals as springboards for their narratives.



Use simple, two-step instructions at the center for subject-specific assignments or creative writing assignments.

Sample Directions:
Step #1:  Select one white popcorn kernel and one yellow popcorn kernel.
Step #2:  Write a paragraph which includes the words or illustrations found on each kernel.

Note: The next time I offer Popcorn Writing as one of the literacy stations, I plan to use past tense action verbs and random cartoon objects as quick write prompts.



Free “Popcorn Writing” Poster and Preview http://bit.ly/1hW4o93

Popcorn Writing Product: http://bit.ly/1liUNxf

Apples to Applique Blog Post: http://bit.ly/1ojlLtm

Popcorn Containers: http://amzn.to/1jRf3Zw

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Now, here’s a question for you: What is your favorite, super-easy writing center idea?

Until next time…stay committed…teach with passion…and inspire students with who you are.

About the author: Janice Malone is a teacher, seminar leader, and the owner of ELA Seminars, LLC . Visit http://www.ELAseminars.com.